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Introducing the
Ultimate Automated Local Processing System (UALPS)

The premier labor union membership tracking software ALPSW, originally introduced in 1998, has been completely redone inside and out to become the Ultimate Automated Local Processing System.

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Top Reason to Upgrade

How is it different from ALPSW

Cleaner Screen, Presented in Full High Definition
ALPSW optimized for 800X600 Resolution. ALPSW can only run in small font in Windows 7.
UALPS requires a wide screen capable of 1440 X 900 resolution or conventional screen set at 1280X1024.
Can open multiple windows at once within UALPS
ALPSW can only open 1 screen at time. Had to run ALPSW multiple times to accomplish the same thing.
Can minimize the program
ALPSW could only be minimized using show desktop.
Can run reports with both members and archive members on it together.
ALPSW Not Possible.
Dispatch to Jobs -- All new with Worklist showing so you know who is next etc.
ALPSW had to work with a second copy of ALPSW running, or have the print out in hand.
Remittance Posting Add-on -- All New with Contractor Payment subsystem and ability to fine if late
Only tracked what was due, not paid.
Better Security
Data was accessible via a share, so it easy to copy or transport to other computers. In UALPS, only the server has direct access to the DATA.
I don’t use ASAPW2
UALPS is not compatible with ASAPW2. ALPSW and ASAPW talk together better.
Contractor Hours Summary
ALPSW only tracked member hours. Does not have it summed up on the Contractor File.