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Check your version by clicking on HELP on the MAIN MENU of UALPS and then clicking on ABOUT.

Right now

If you have an older version, you are encouraged to call 1-703-579-1060, extension 1 and Rob will be happy to update you to the latest and greatest version. 

New Features

10/11/2011 - We are currently deploying the newest version of the Apprenticeship program, the Ultimate Automated Student Apprenticeship Program: UASAP

Ultimate ASAP includes all the newest features of Ultimate ALPS, but is designed for our Apprenticeship Training customers.

Together, the programs provide much higher levels of security and data integration between the Local and Apprenticeship databases and both include Web Help systems that provide additional assistance in our programs.

 Call the UCS Helpdesk at 1-703-579-1060 extension 1 for more information


12/7/2010 - If you don't have the TEAMVIEWERTM button on your version of ALPS, please call the UCS Helpdesk for a program update.  You will need to download and install a temporary version of TEAMVIEWERTM by clicking on the following link and running the install program.  Depending on any spyware/malware program you have on your PC, that software may ask you to allow or disallow permission to run the TEAMVIEWERTM software.  You may be assured that TEAMVIEWERTM is a SAFE, SECURE and RELIABLE program and we have not had ANY problems with it.

NOTE:  We are on a different version of the TeamViewer program than the version found on the TeamViewer website.  Click here to download TEAMVIEWERTM

5/1/2010 We are no longer using PCAnywhere for remote connection to customers' PCs.  We have several reasons for doing this, including lack of reliability and the fact that many customers are upgrading their PCs.  That usually means having to buy a new version of PCAnywhere, which costs $140 PER COMPUTER.

NOW, you don't have to pay at all!   We use a newer product called TEAMVIEWERTM and WE have paid for YOU to use it!  There are so many other benefits to using TEAMVIEWERTM:

  • It's FREE, for you!  We have paid for the license for you to use the software to connect to us.
  • Can use it from ANY of your computers to connect to us!  As long as the PC can access ALPSW or ASAPW and the internet, we can connect to it!
  • It's faster.  To install AND use.
  • It's a part of our program now!  So easy to use!  Just press a button within ALPSW or ASAPW to run the program.
  • More secure!  It only runs when YOU tell it to run and only allows a connection from us when YOU give us the code.

4/1/2010  You can now create PDF files of ANY report in ALPSW and ASAPW.  At the print screen, press the PDF button at the bottom-right and the program will create a photocopy of the report and save it to your program directory.  OR press the EMAIL button and the program will create the PDF file AND attach it to a ready-to-send email.
ALSO:  When a receipt or dispatch is printed, a PDF copy is automatically generated and stored in the program directory.  You can view these PDF copies by highlighting the receipt or dispatch from the member's PAYMENT or JOBS screen and pressing the VIEW RECEIPT or VIEW DISPATCH button.  This feature is a "from now on" feature, meaning that it is NOT available on previously posted payments or dispatches. 

3/3/2010   ALPSW and ASAPW now feature an easy-to-use EMAIL FUNCTION from inside the program.  Press the EMAIL icon in the upper-right corner of the MAIN SCREEN to open.  If you need to contact Technical Support, press the REQUEST SUPPORT button at the bottom, type in a brief description of your problem and then hit the SEND button.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

2/29/2010 A UA percapita history has been added for this version.  Every time you run a percapita report it will store a copy of it in to system for later retrieval.  It can be accessed under the administrator/Percapita/History

10/24/2008  On the Job report was ignoring "start contractor" when choosing worked in date range option -- Fixed

10/29/2008  Compares the UA Electronic Cash Sheet with saved file

11/4/2008    Fixes some problems in garbage being saved in labor code files

11/4/2008    Fixed problem on receipts of name and address being too long

11/5/2008    Display Local Number in title bar of alpsw

11/5/2008    Lookup by last 4 digits of SSN, use a "." last 4 in ssn/name lookup

11/5/2008    Masked SSN ON ALL REPORTS, Set option on/off with F11 key from Main Menu