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Union YES!

Designed for the way you work today...  And in the future

Each of Union Computer Services (UCS) products are designed and developed in cooperation with unions like yours.  Each of the UCS systems offers you a comprehensive and economical computer system designed to provide immediate access to vital information, to improve control, increase cash-flow and provide timely service to your membership.

Distinctive Features of UCS Products
Microsoft Windows Based Applications
Year 2000 Compliant
Direct Interface With Other Windows Compatible Applications Including:
  • Office Product Set (MS Word Word Processing, MS Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Word Perfect For Windows
  • Microsoft Phone Dialer
  • NEW! - VOIP (Voice over IP) Functionality
  • NEW! - MapQuest Integration
  • NEW! - Internal Program EMail system
User Secured Access Controlled By Locally Configurable Options
Robust Set Of Standard Reports and Letters
Report Generator Allows You To Design Your Own Reports
Full Selection and Sort Capability On All Member Data Fields
Auto Dial To Members
Direct E-Mail Via Internet Service Provider

Common to all of the UCS products are
           the following functions:

Reports and Queries

Includes a robust set of Standard Reports.  Reports may be printed using all of the system features discussed in the product briefs that follow.  Reports may be produced for an individual or for the total membership.   

The UCS products provide a Report Writer capability which allows you to customize your own reports using any of the membership information stored within your database.  You have access to any data element within the Local's database.

A powerful Query capability is just a few keystrokes away.  Letters can be sorted in a number of different sequences, such as name, year, zip code.  Based on your set of parameters, letters can be printed for selected groups, such as apprentices over the age of 25 or apprentices working for a particular contractor.  In addition the ability to compare data items contained within the Master and Applicants screens is available.

In-depth Documentation, User Manuals
Installation and On-Site Training
Technical and Procedural Support via Full Service Help Desk - Available Core Hours Serving East and West Coast Time Zones
Remote On-line Diagnostics
System Enhancement Analysis
User Requirements Analysis
System Customization Consultation